At DeBiase & Levine Associates, Inc., our program is designed to maximize and expedite hospital recovery of potential Medicaid revenue by assisting your uninsured and underinsured patient populations in completing the process of applying for state governmental medical benefits. Through the use of our knowledgeable social services staff, we skillfully provide one-on-one advocacy services to your patients helping them through what is often times the daunting task of establishing their entitlement to benefits.

Our staff is available to meet with patients bedside to timely initiate the benefits application process and to follow up in the home shortly following discharge.

Advocacy Services

Assisting the patient bedside with completion of their application for Medicaid benefits materials and the assembly and procurement of required supporting documentation, including:

  1. In-home follow up activity with patient following discharge,
  2. Screening for and assisting in establishing Presumptive Eligibility for expedited receipt of Medicaid benefits,
  3. Accompanying or standing-in for the patient at interviews with government agency staff,
  4. Representing the patient’s and hospital’s interests in administrative fair hearing proceedings to contest unjust denial of Medicaid benefits, and
  5. Assisting patients in the application and qualification for Social Security Disability benefits to maximize Medicaid and DSH revenue.

On-Site Projects

DeBiase & Levine will maintain a daily onsite presence at your hospital to screen your uninsured and underinsured patients for potential Medicaid eligibility and to immediately initiate an application for benefits whenever appropriate. At the hospital’s request, we will set up onsite a full time operation to accommodate your patients’ Medicaid application needs.

Recognized Community Partner

DeBiase & Levine is recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services as a Community Partner, authorized to submit online COMPASS applications for Medicaid benefits on behalf of Pennsylvania residents. Our staff are individually registered participants with the COMPASS program.


DeBiase & Levine as a Community Partner and as a hospital provider representative will submit online applications for Pennsylvania Medicaid Benefits, inclusive of Presumptive Eligibility benefits, on behalf of the patients whom we are assisting. The submission of a COMPASS application not only streamlines the application process, but provides for the locking ­in of a timely application submittal as well as maximizes the allowable time frame for the pursuit of retroactive Medicaid benefits.

Medicaid Eligibility and Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH)

Pennsylvania Medicaid Eligibility

Our goal is to whenever possible qualify your uninsured patients under a DSH­eligible category of Medicaid, including the pursuit when appropriate of a disability determination through either the Medicaid Program or the Social Security Administration.

Out-of-State Medicaid Eligibility

Our staff has years of experience acquiring proficiency in assisting out-of-state patients applying and successfully qualifying for Medicaid benefits in their home state. As in Pennsylvania, we seek out-of-state Medicaid benefits in categories that would bolster the hospital’s entitlement to DSH revenue.

Third Party Payer Recovery

Additional hospital services we provide include resolution of insurance claims delayed or denied payment. DeBiase & Levine’s resources include staff trained in procuring relevant documentation needed to complete an insurance claim held up in the payment cycle due to lack of information furnished from the patient claimant. We are adept at identifying the responsible carrier, submitting a complete claim, and pursuing payment through an appeal process when necessary.

Our Medicaid Eligbility Patient Locator and Skip Tracing TechniquesPatient Locator Resources and Skip Tracing Techniques

We have a full range of skip tracing techniques including door-­to­-door home visitations by DeBiase & Levine staff along with online patient locator resources utilized to enhance our effectiveness in communicating with an often-­times transient population.

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